17/04/2010 01:30

Manny Pacquiao's Undefeated Sparring Partner Shawn Porter Wins

American professional boxer and Manny Pacquiao's former sparring partner Shawn Porter won a first round KO over Raul Pinzon of Columbia in their fight held at the Wicomico Civic Center in Maryland, USA Saturday night. Manny Pacquiao's favorite sparring partner during his pre-fight preparations...
16/04/2010 01:26

Mayweather:'I Am the Face of Boxing and I am Here to Clean it Up'

Barely two weeks before his scheduled fight with Shane Mosley, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr. says, "I Am the Face of Boxing and I am Here to Clean it Up", obviously referring to his demand for mandatory urine and blood tests for boxers. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is one proud world...
16/04/2010 01:24

Puerto Rican Boxer Miguel Cotto Wants Rematch with Manny Pacquiao

Emmanuel Steward, new trainer of popular Puerto Rican boxer, Miguel Cotto is calling on Pacquiao for a rematch. Steward says the reason why Cotto lost to Pacquiao last November was that Cotto had a poor balance and he says he knows how to remedy the flaw. Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto is...
16/04/2010 01:21

Trainer Freddie Roach Says Pacquiao won't win in Elections

Pacquiao's trainer trainer Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao will fail in his quest for a congressional seat in the upcoming Philippine elections because his constituents do not want him to engage in politics. Barely three weeks before the national elections in the Philippines, Manny...
16/04/2010 01:19

ASEAN Calls on Thailand For Quick Resolution of Conflict

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has offered its assistance to Thailand on the resolution of its lingering political conflict with the 'Red Shirts' protesters loyal to the ousted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has ...
15/04/2010 01:16

Opinion: What Would Boxing be without Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather, Jr.?

It is hard to imagine how boxing as a form of legal sports in our society would be like today if boxers Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are not around. Boxing fans say that these two great boxers are the reasons why boxing is still alive and well What would boxing be at this time...
15/04/2010 01:14

Seminarian Convicted of Sexual Misconduct is Now Ordained Priest

An American seminarian who has been convicted of sexual misconduct in Detroit Michigan in late 1990s has moved to the Philippines to pursue his seminary studies and eventually ordained priest in 2001. An American seminarian convicted of sexual abuse or misconduct with a 15 year old boy has...
14/04/2010 01:12

Opinion: Shane Mosley is Manny Pacquiao's Latest Boxing Fan

Shane Mosley has some fond words for Manny Pacquiao. He says he'd love to be shown around by the Filipino boxer if and when he visits the Philippines. He is also doing great in his political career, Mosley said during a recent press conference. Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has...
14/04/2010 01:09

Opinion: Boxing Fans will see 'Fireworks' in a Pacquiao-Berto Match

Andre Berto of Haiti and Florida has just made himself visible from Manny Pacquiao's radar screen when he demolished Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico via a KO in eight rounds Saturday night in Florida. Suddenly Andre Berto has appeared on Manny Pacquiao's radar screen after the Hatian-American...
14/04/2010 01:07

Mexico's Roman Catholic Church Seeks Pardon for Child Abuse

In Mexico, the Roman Catholic Church is seeking pardon for sexual abuses committed by its founding priest on children under its care. The apology includes a promise to allow civil authorities to intervene to apply the law in church-linked sex abuse cases. The Roman Catholic church hierarchy in...

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I like the way you've wrote nothing on anything other than boxing for about 2 years!



Who do you think will win in a Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight?

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