10 Most Popular Parenting Websites For Busy Couples

21/03/2009 02:12

This is about the different websites that offer advices and information about parenting.

Working parents do not have the luxury of time to attend to their family’s needs as they have to work to provide for them. Most often they depend on their relatives or friends for information or advise that they may need.

Here are 10 popular websites that provide answers and information to parents who do not have much time and financial resources to provide for their family’s well-being.


This site has a lot of information for the growing family. Topics include fertility, pregnancy, child symptom checker, toys and video games, recipes, and articles related to parenting, among others.

Dr Toy

Dr. Toy is a website that provides information and guidance for parents on the kind of toys that are appropriate for their children. This award winning site is a free public service provided by The Institute for Childhood Resources, a non- profit organization.


This site is a division of NBC Universal and was established in 1995. The site is all about health, parenting, pregnancy, beauty, style, fitness, relationship, food and entertainment.


Parenthood.com is a 10-year old company and a leading online destination for the family. Its site contains award winning contents or articles covering wide-ranging issues about parenting. The site also provides access to local family-oriented business and services that mom and parents need.

Family Doctor

This site is operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians, family practice residents and medical students. This site is all about family health care. Answers to just about any question related to family health are found in this site.

Kid’s Health

This site provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth to adolescence. It operates under the Nemours Foundation. This site is accessed by half a million visitors everyday. Kidshealth has a separate area for kids, teens and parents. All contents that are found in this site are reviewed by doctors before they are published.

Family Education Network

Family education network is a family, kids, teacher site where parents they can get information and resources for learning. In this site, parents find practical guidance, grade-specific information about their children experience in school and strategies to get involve in the learning process.

Parent’s TV

This site is a non-partisan educational organization advocating responsible entertainment. Its primary purpose is to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and other media.

Parent Previews

Parent previews is a site that provide safe entertainment medium to kids and family members. Movies are previewed by experienced and responsible reviewers before they are made available to kids to watched and be entertained.

Family Fun

My FamilyFun.com is an entertainment site for kids. The site contains information suitable for kids on crafts, food, and entertainment. Its sister sites provide varied information about parenting and child development.

Sister sites include “iparenting”, “celebrity parents”, “incredible babynames”, and “wondertime”. All sites are devoted to parenting.


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