Andre Berto Says Pacquiao Lacks Defence, Easy to Hit

18/04/2010 01:37
Fresh from his eighth round KO win over Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico, Haitian-American boxer Andre Berto is again calling on Manny Pacquiao saying a fight with him will be entertaining to the fans. Pacquiao lacks defense and is easier to hit, he added.
Hatian-American boxer Andre Berto could be trying to get Manny Pacquiao's attention in the hope that he can land a fight with the pound-for-pound king. After demolishing Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico about a week ago in Florida, the undefeated boxer's promoter Lou DiBella called on Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao for fight when ever he wants to. Now Berto says it will be an entertaining match if he eventually lands a fight with the famous Filipino boxer.
ABS-CBN News reports:
“I think that’s the thing with Manny Pacquiao that a lot of people really just don’t understand. Manny Pacquiao has a lot of energy, he has really great legs, but then again, you have to fight fire with fire,” Berto said in an exclusive interview with On The Ropes Boxing Radio as quoted by Geoffrey Ciani of The Mushroom Mag. “He lacks defense. He’s easy to hit, but he sets a pace that’s a little too much for his opponents and he’s incredibly strong, also, so he always tend (sic) to outwork and out punch his opponents,” he noted.
“If I get in the position I know it will be an entertaining fight because I know I’ll be able to touch him whenever I wanted to touch him and get in there with some power and I think it will be able to stop a lot of that jumping around and stuff,” he stated.
The undefeated Haitian-American boxer was originally scheduled to face Shane Mosley early in the year but opted not to push through with the fight when his native country Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that flattened its capital city Port au Prince, causing death and injuries to thousands of people, including some members of his family.
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