Andre Berto Wins Over Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico via KO

11/04/2010 13:01
Hatian-American professional boxer Andre Berto kept his undefeated professional boxing record by beating Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico via 8th round KO Saturday night in Florida

Undefeated Haitian-American boxer Adre Berto wins over Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico via eight round stoppage Saturday night in Florida.

Berto has not fought in 11 months after his signed contract with Shane Mosley failed to materialize as the Haitian-American boxer shifted his attention to his native Haiti where some members of his family died when a strong earthquake flattened Haiti's capital city of Port au Prince.

In the early rounds, Berto showed a little bit of rustiness owing to his year-long absence from boxing. Berto was scheduled to fight Shane Mosley last January 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. reprots

Round after round, Berto was slowly breaking Quintana down. A right hand here, a left hook there. Quintana felt them. In the eighth round, Berto, injury be damned, took it to Quintana. He was teeing off on Quintana and Kimmons was looking closely, ready to stop it at any moment as Quintana was being rocked. Berto hammered a stumbling Quintana around the ring. He was trying to hold Berto but he would have none of it. He separated himself and unleashed a straight right hand that snapped Quintana's head back, forcing Kimmons to step in and stop it at 2 minutes, 16 seconds.

Andre Berto is a Haitian-American professional boxer, who represented Haiti at the 2004 Summer Olympics. On June 21, 2008, Berto became the WBC welterweight champion by defeating Miguel Rodriguez by seventh round technical knockout.

With his win over Calos Quintana, Berto has now a total of 27 wins and remains undefeated in his professional boxing career.


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