Antonio Margarito Denies Prior Knowledge of Illegal Hand Wraps

07/04/2010 12:18
Former WBC welterweight champion Antonio Margarito is making a boxing come back with his scheduled fight against Roberto Garcia on May 8 in Mexico. His promoter Bob Arum says he is working on a possible Pacquiao-Margarito fight soon.

One month before his come-back fight in Mexico against Roberto Garcia of Texas, former Mexican-American welterweight champion Antonio Margarito denies prior knowledge of illegal hand wraps inserted into his gloves during his fight with Shane Mosley last January 24, 2009.

The illegal wraps were discovered by a member of Mosley's team before the start of their fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The hand wraps contained a substance that hardens when exposed to oxygen similar to plaster of Paris. The discovery of the illegal substance led to the revocation of Margarito's license as professional boxer in the state of California.

For over a year, Margarito has not been able to fight in California because of the license revocation. Other states have likewise refrained from issuing a license to the former welterweight champion. Margarito maintained that he was not aware of the illegal substance before climbing up the ring to face Mosley more than a year ago.

"I didn't know what was on my hands," Margarito said. "I never had to deal with any of these things before, and now you're telling me I have to deal with it every time?"

Margarito has been roundly criticized by fans and fighters alike, with former opponents Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron both saying they wouldn't be surprised if Margarito had used loaded gloves when he beat them.

Oscar De La Hoya also said Margarito shouldn't be allowed to return so quickly, a stance that prompted Margarito to suggest, "If (De La Hoya) wants to prove something to me, let's get in the ring and prove something."

"Every opponent can say that now," Margarito added. "Maybe even the fighters I fought in the amateurs are going to come up and say it." Margarito's promoter, Bob Arum who also promotes Manny Pacquiao said hie is looking at future Margarito-Pacquiao fight if a deal is not made with either Shane Mosley of Floyd Mayweather.

Arum is helping Margarito with his legal cases arising out of the glove-loading controversy. Dan Petrocelli, Arum's lawyer-friend is handling the court cases of Margarito.


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