Bob Arum and Pacquiao Have Contrasting Views on Valero's Death

21/04/2010 10:13
Two contrasting views surround the recent death of Venezuela's undefeated boxing champion Edwin Valero with Bob Arum saying he was not at all surprised Valero killed himself while Pacquiao says he could not believe Valero committed suicide.

Manny Pacqiuao's promoter and Top Rank Promotions owner Bob Arum has his own theory about the cause of death of the popular Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero. Edwin Valero was found dead inside his jail in a police station where he was brought after confessing to security he killed his 24-year old wife Carolina Sunday inside a hotel room in Venezuela.

Yahoo News reports:

“I was shocked, really shocked, when he murdered the wife. But I was not shocked to hear this morning that he killed himself. I really figured it would end this way, starting from when he came down (from drugs and/or alcohol) and he realized what he had done to the wife,” Arum said. “So am I shocked that he then killed himself? No I am not, because I believed he then realized he could either kill himself or spend the rest of his life in a prison cell,” Arum said.

“Valero’s smartest move, the only move he had left, was to take his own life. It is a tragic thing anyway you want to look at it. He wanted to avoid spending the rest of his life in jail and this was his only way to avoid it,” said the legendary promoter

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao on the other hand said he could not believe Valero would commit suicide knowing him and basing his opinion on the manner of ending his life. It was reported earlier that Valero used only his clothes to tie it over his neck to kill himself. Pacquiao, who’s seeking a congressional seat in the province of Sarangani, feels that there could be more than the suicide story.

“He thought about the possibility of a conspiracy,” said Koncz of Pacquiao. “And that it was possible that the family of Valero’s wife had powerful friends and so there could have been a conspiracy to get back at Valero. How can you hang yourself using your clothes?” Koncz asked.

“Someone might have gotten back at Valero. If police authorities felt that Valero could be a danger even to himself, they should have stripped him down to his briefs inside his cell or put on a straight jacket on him,” he added

Before his death, Valero visited the Philippines together with David Diaz to honor an invitation from Manny Pacquiao on the Filipino boxer's birthday bash held in his home province in southern Philippines.


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