Fil-Ams Demand 'Genuine & Real Public Apology' from Adam Carolla

08/04/2010 12:33
Three days after American comedian Adam Carolla made a short sorry statement in his Twitter account, thousands of Filipino-Americans in the US have demanded that Carolla make a 'genuine and real' public apology for his unkind words about the Philippines

Barely three days after American comedian Adam Carolla issued a short sorry statement on his verified Twitter account for bashing the Filipino nation and for calling Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao 'idiot', 'illiterate' and 'brain damaged', many Filipino-Americans in the United States have demanded that Carolla make a real and genuine public apology.

In his letter to a CBS radio affiliate in Washington, Lawyer Arnedo Valera, executive director of Migrants Heritage Commission(MHC) said:

“Mr. Carolla, these whole racist remarks from a supposedly intelligent person like you, being part of the media, is all about you and not us".“Your recent pronouncements against us Filipinos are an act of ignorance…Behind that feeling of superiority of being a White American is actually a failure of your human faculty to think and feel for the diversity of the cultures which America is made of,” the MHC statement read.

ABS-CBN News reports: In addition to demanding a “genuine and real public apology”, Valera said they will mount a letter-writing campaign to Carolla’s show sponsors to ask them to withdraw their support.

“We will not take your racial tirade sitting down,” the statement stressed. Valera recalled how Adam Carolla did the same to the Hawaiian people when he called them 'dumbest people in the world';

Carolla, who has insulted Native Hawaiians (he called them the “world’s dumbest people” in 2003), women and Asian Americans, among others, called Filipino sports idol Manny Pacquiao “an idiot”, “illiterate” and “brain-damaged” for refusing to undergo blood tests for a planned bout with former champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. that eventually fell through

Philippine presidential spokesman downplayed Adam Carolla's statement saying Carolla was “an ignorant fool who belongs to a sick minority in the US”.


(original article appeared @ Digital Journal )

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