Is State Secretary Hillary Clinton Moving to US Supreme Court?

12/04/2010 13:13
Rumors are circulating that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is being considered for appointment as Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice John Paul Steven, who plans on retiring.
US State Secretary Hillary Clinton's name is being mentioned as replacement for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who is retiring soon.
Sen. Orrin Hatch says he's heard Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's name mentioned in connection with the Supreme Court vacancy brought about by the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.
Justice Paul Stevens was appointed to the Supreme Court by the then president Gerald Ford in 1975. He is turning 90 on April 20, making him the oldest sitting member of the Supreme Court in history.
At least three candidates were mentioned as possible replacements for Justice John Paul Stevens which include Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Dianne Wood and Merrick Garland. Wood and Garland are Federal appellate court judges.
State Secretary Hillary Clinton is seen as qualified to replace Justice Stevens having graduated from Yale Law School in 1973. She practiced law and was later listed twice as one of the most influential lawyers of America.
Rumors of Secretary Clinton being appointed to the US Supreme Court may not have reached President Obama's office as the information has not been confirmed or denied.
(original article appeared @ Digital Journal )

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