Manny Pacquiao Doubts Edwin Valero Committed Suicide in Jail

21/04/2010 10:06

Popular Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao says he doubts Venezuelan boxing champion Edwin Valero committed suicide inside his jail cell after the undefeated boxer confessed to the killing of his 24-year old wife Sunday.

Manny Pacquiao was on his election campaign trail Tuesday when told about the death of fellow boxer Edwin Valero. The Filipino boxer was surprised and shocked at the news and said he doubts the suicide angle of Valero's death.

The undefeated Venezuelan boxing champion was found dead inside the jail in Venezuela where he was brought by the police after having stabbed his own wife three times in the stomach which caused her violent death last Sunday. Michael Koncz, Pacquiao's Canadian adviser said Manny Pacquiao was of the opinion that Velero did not commit suicide.

The Filipino boxer knew Velero personally having been a guest during his birthday bash in the Philippines two years ago. "Manny knew about the stabbing of Valero’s wife but when I told him that Valero had committed suicide he was totally shocked and surprised,” said Koncz from General Santos City.

Yahoo News reports:

Pacquiao, who’s seeking a congressional seat in the province of Sarangani, feels that there could be more than the suicide story. “He thought about the possibility of a conspiracy,” said Koncz of Pacquiao. “And that it was possible that the family of Valero’s wife had powerful friends and so there could have been a conspiracy to get back at Valero. How can you hang yourself using your clothes?” Koncz asked.

“Someone might have gotten back at Valero. If police authorities felt that Valero could be a danger even to himself, they should have stripped him down to his briefs inside his cell or put on a straight jacket on him,” he added.

Valero was a potential opponent of Manny Pacquiao as the Venezuelan champion has been undefeated throughout his entire professional boxing career. Valero is known as a knock out artist having won all his 27 professional fights via knock out.

The undefeated Venezuelan boxer has been reported to be suffering from brain disorder caused by a motorcycle accident several years ago. He was likewise reported to by under treatment for alcohol and use of illegal drugs.


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