McDonald's offers $3 for every 'Shrek glass' returned

12/06/2010 09:52
by Leo Reyes
Giant food chain McDonald's is offering a $3 refund for every Shrek-themed glass returned by consumers. The fast-food chain recently issued a recall on millions of the cadmium-tainted glasses.
McDonald's announced Friday it was recalling millions of glasses with the Shrek design painted on its surface. The 'Shrek' design was taken from movie characters in 'Shrek Forever After", a popular movie for kids.
Around 7.5 million glasses were sold out of the 12 million intended for distribution to McDonald's outlets in the United States. Regular price of Shrek glasses is $2.99 without McDonald's product purchase.
McDonald’s announced the recall after the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that tests on the glasses showed that low levels of cadmium, a heavy metal identified as a carcinogen, could come off on the hands of a person holding the glasses. The commission said, however, that the glasses were not considered toxic and that the risk to children was low.
Long-term exposure to cadmium has been associated with a variety of health problems, including kidney and bone ailments.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which announced the voluntary recall early Friday, warned consumers to immediately stop using the glasses; McDonald's said it would post instructions on its website next week regarding refunds. It was earlier reported the glasses were manufactured in the United States.


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