My First 365 Days with Digital Journal

25/10/2009 16:21

Oct 25, 2009

Today marks my first 365 days with Digital Journal. I joined DJ on October 25, 2008 with with very little knowledge of news writing.

I am still a struggling news writer after a year with Digital Journal. I guess I am not cut to become a top notch journalist. But I think I've learned a few things about basic journalism with the help of Chris Hogg, David Silverberg and the DJ Ambassadors. When I joined DJ, I tried to set a goal for myself as Digital Journalist. That goal was for me to generate at least one million page views for Digital Journal on my first year as Digital Journalist. Sad to say I failed miserably to reach that goal as I only generated 700,000 page views on my first year with DJ. I would have reached my one million page views target but I had a two-month break due to personal and business commitments. But overall I am happy to learn a few things about journalism and I thank the DJ staff especially Chris and David for their patience in editing my news reports.

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