New Online News Website to Go Live on the Internet Soon

24/03/2010 18:28

A new international online news organization is scheduled to go live on the Internet soon. “SummaNews”, is a news website designed to revolutionize the reading habits of people especially businessmen who do not have the luxury of time digesting the most important news of the day.


 “SummaNews” will collate and summarize news headlines as they happen in major cities across the globe. Readers will get free news in capsule form. At the same time they will be provided with a link to the news source for full details of the news item.

 The owners and stakeholders of SummaNews said the online news site will soon become a very popular news source among business executives, IT workers and even busy housewives who do not have the luxury of time in their workplace.


SummaNews officials said they have chosen the Philippines as the company’s home base because of the availability of experienced news writers who will constitute the core staff of the news organization.



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