New Website Features Boxing and Basketball News

24/03/2010 16:08

A new website that will feature boxing and basketball will be launched in the Philippines soon.


RingLive Sports News is an online news organization owned and operated by RingLive Publishing, a company organized with a primary purpose of promoting sports in general and basketball and boxing in particular.

Initially, RingLive will concentrate on publishing online news that will feature basketball and boxing in the Philippines. A website that will feature basketball and boxing news as they happen will be constructed and will provide basketball and boxing stakeholders a venue for the promotion of the two most popular sports in the country.

Basketball and boxing fans will experience live news online of their favorite sports as they happen and where they happen.

In order to bring live news to basketball and boxing fans, Ring Live will coordinate with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), UAAP, NCAA and other professional and amateur basketball groups. Likewise, RingLive will maintain a close contact with the amateur as well as professional boxing associations throughout the country.

In addition to the close contact and coordination with various basketball and boxing stakeholders, RingLive will use its pool of topnotch sportswriters to cover live games and report blow by blow account of the events as they happen. Basketball and boxing fans will experience live online news almost instantly, ahead of all other sports news in the print media.


Through the RingLive Website, fans of basketball and boxing games, the two most popular sports in the country today, will get a free access to the RingLive Website by just registering as either a basketball fan or a boxing fan. By filling up a form in the website, anyone can become a member and be entitled to all privileges that RingLive provides its members.

RingLive aims to enlist one million members on its first year of operation. This initial membership target will enable the company to attract traditional advertisers to use the RingLive website in promoting their products.

The RingLive Website will provide sports advertisers a captive market for their products and services. Makers of popular sports gears including shoes, sportswear, health drinks, healthy food, etc. will make up the pool of advertisers of the proposed site.



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