Opinion: Adam Carolla's Popularity Soars at the expense of Filipinos

04/04/2010 11:53
Comedian Adam Carolla finally got his wish three days after he bashed Filipino boxer Pacquiao and made derogatory statements about the Philippines. Internet bloggers and newswriters are still feasting on the issue as Carolla refuses to issue an apology.
For bashing the entire Filipino nation and for calling Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao an idiot and illiterate, Italian-American comedian Adam Carolla got the attention of millions of people across the globe as he dominated the sports and entertainment pages of newspapers. Many readers were enraged by his insulting and degrading statements.
News and opinion articles about the comedian's verbal assault on the Filipino nation and his insulting comments about Manny Pacquiao have likewise dominated the Internet with several articles spilling over popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Some local and international newspapers and sports magazines, including online news and blogs, that have carried Corolla's derogatory, insulting and degrading statements about the Philippines include:
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Adam Carolla calls Manny Pacquiao brain damaged, illiterate
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Adam Carolla really racist or just looking for attention?
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Adam Carolla Claims Filipinos Worships Chicken Bones, Drinks Haterade, etcOh No They Didn't - 1day
23hrs ago, celebrifi
Three days after Adam Carolla lambasted Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people, no statement of apology has been issued by the comedian.
In the meantime , Carolla's tirades at Pacquiao and the Philippines continue to enrage not only Filipinos but the millions of civilized people around the world who find his statements offensive.
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