Opinion: Boxing Fans will see 'Fireworks' in a Pacquiao-Berto Match

14/04/2010 01:09
Andre Berto of Haiti and Florida has just made himself visible from Manny Pacquiao's radar screen when he demolished Carlos Quintana of Puerto Rico via a KO in eight rounds Saturday night in Florida.

Suddenly Andre Berto has appeared on Manny Pacquiao's radar screen after the Hatian-American boxer demolished Carlos Quintana via 8th round KO Saturday night in Florida. Boxing fans are looking for a match that is 'worth watching'.

The recent Pacquiao-Clottey match has been a disappointing experience among boxing fans. It was a boring fight to watch according to those who traveled to Texas to witness the fight at the huge Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

The failed Pacquiao-Mayweather match which was supposed to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last March 13, was seen by experts as a slow-paced fight because Mayweather will be very busy running around Pacquiao instead of engaging the Filipino boxer toe to toe. Mayweather, being a defensive fighter will stay away from Pacquiao's range to avoid the pound-for-pond king's devastating left and right rapid combinations.

Although Pacquiao is expected to put life into the fight to entertain fans, Mayweather is expected to maintain a distance from Pacquiao and wait for an open opportunity which Pacquiao will not allow knowing Mayweather's defensive fighting stance. The match will probably draw a big crowd because of the popularity of Mayweather, being undefeated in his entire boxing career and Pacquiao being the reigning pound-for-pound king aside from being the reigning WBO welterweight champion.

But it won't be as exciting as the Pacquiao-Berto fight. Andre Berto is an active, mobile and offensive boxer and so is Pacquiao. A clash between two offensive fighters will definitely bring out fireworks inside the ring. The crowd would be delighted to watch them fight.

The Pacquiao-Berto match, if indeed it happens, will be an exciting match up to watch. Definitely it won't be a boring fight that was popularized in Texas by Joshua Clottey of Ghana.


(original article appeared @ Digital Journal )

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