Opinion: Pacquiao should face winner of Mosley-Mayweather fight

28/03/2010 17:36
Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao may be considering three more fights before actually hanging his gloves for good. But he will have to kneel before his mother to get her blessings as he will have to renege on his earlier promise for one last fight.

Despite his announcement of possible retirement from professional boxing in deference to his mother's wishes for him to retire now for good, many of his local boxing fans believe that the pound-for-pound king will remain active for at least one more year.

The popular Filipino boxer is expected to make a deal with his mother for one last fight before retiring. It may be recalled that Pacquiao promised his mother after his bout with Miguel Cotto that he will do one last fight before hanging up his gloves.

That one last bout was his recent encounter with Joshua Clottey of Ghana at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. One of the compelling reasons for Pacquiao to remain active for another year is probably the thought of beating Floyd Mayweather, Jr who remains undefeated in his entire professional boxing career.

Mayweather and his camp have thrown too much 'trash' on the Filipino boxer. Pacquiao's local boxing fans say that the Filipino boxer should settle the long-drawn word war between him and Mayweather inside the ring.

The proposed Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was originally scheduled for Marcgh 13 but did not happen due to Mayweather's demand for an Olympic-style blood testing which Pacquiao declined saying that he had passed all drug tests conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Mayweather accused Pacquiao of taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs during his last fights to gain added advantage over his opponents.

Pacquiao denied such accusations and sued Mayweather and some members of his team in court for defamation. The other compelling reason is the huge prize money that Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will generate for both boxers. Boxing analysts say that that each of them will earn at least $50 million excluding revenues from PPV and gate receipts.

The Filipino boxer may have thought that one year will be a safe period for him to make one last commitment to his mother on her call for early retirement. In a year Pacquiao can make three more fights as trainer Freddie Roach projects. Roach said the Pacquiao-Mayweather match can still happen if they both bury the hatchet and let their punches do the talking.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a tradeoff between Manny dropping the lawsuit and him (Mayweather) dropping the drug test,” boxing’s hottest trainer told fighthype.com.

But what if Mayweather is defeated by Mosley when they collide on May 1 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas? Surely Pacquiao will have to choose Mosley for his next mega fight as he (Mosley) will become the hottest boxing sensation by then.

A Pacquiao-Mosley fight will also bring in huge revenues for both of them. If this happens, it would be Pacquiao's first match within the one year self-imposed fight calendar.

But then again, win or lose with Mosley, Pacquiao will have to face Mayweather to settle the issues and bad blood between the two most popular boxers.

This will be Pacquiao's second in his calendar and if he wins he may just opt to retire for good unless an automatic rematch is provided for in their fight contract. If that happens, a third and last fight for the Filipino boxer is inevitable.


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