Opinion: Shane Mosley is Manny Pacquiao's Latest Boxing Fan

14/04/2010 01:12
Shane Mosley has some fond words for Manny Pacquiao. He says he'd love to be shown around by the Filipino boxer if and when he visits the Philippines. He is also doing great in his political career, Mosley said during a recent press conference.

Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has gained a new friend in Shane Mosley who is lining up for a crack at the pound-for-pound king's WBO welterweight belt.

In a recent news conference about the USADA random drug testing protocol which he and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. have agreed to take in connection with their May 1 encounter at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mosley says he would like Pacquiao can show him around if and when he visits the Philippines.

Mosley, who is eyeing a match with Manny Pacquiao if a rematch clause in his fight with Mayweather is not exercised, says 'Pacquiao has the spirit of a champion in and out of the ring'. "I think it's a great thing that he could be President or a congressman in the Philippines," said Mosley.

"I think it's a great thing. I'd love to come to the Philippines and visit and say hi and have dinner and hang out in the Philippines. He can show me around. "I'd like to congratulate him on the campaign," he added.

"To even get that far, and to be able to run for Congress is a great thing, a great accomplishment for a fighter, for all fighters. He's doing a great thing. It appears that a Pacquiao-Mosley fight will take place within the year.

The match has a better chance of becoming a reality as Mayweather is expected to continue his demand for the Olympic-style USADA drug testing protocol which the Pacquiao team earlier declined. A Pacquiao-Mosley fight would be easier to arrange as Mosley has earlier shown his willingness to face Pacquiao under the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) supervison.

Likewise boxing fans see an exciting fight in a Pacquiao-Mosley match as both boxers are known for their offensive boxing stance. Both boxers love to brawl and this is what boxing fans like to witness and enjoy. They are of the opinion that a Pacquiao-Myyweather fight could end up as another boring fight similar to the Pacquiao-Clottey match which boxing fans did not like.

Similarly, a Pacquiao-Andre Berto fight could also present a good choice for millions of boxing fans around the world as the protagonists are known for their offensive fighting styles.

Manny Pacquiao has said earlier that he wants to entertain his fans by fighting actively inside the ring and a fight with either Mosley and Andre Berto would clearly satisfy the wishes of boxing fans.


(original article appeared @ Digital Journal )

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