Opinion: Why is Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao so popular?

26/03/2010 17:00
Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is becoming even more popular as he takes a break from boxing to attend to his campaign for a congressional seat to represent his district in Sarangani province in the coming May 10 elections

Two years ago I wrote an article about the soaring popularity of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and the reasons for its continued climb in the world boxing charts. After Pacquiao's recent fight with Joshua Clottey of Ghana held at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the Filipino boxing icon continued to gain tremendous support from boxing fans across the globe.

Not only is he popular in his home country but he is adored in countries like the USA, England, Mexico and almost all countries in Southeast Asia. In my last article, I made an attempt to find out the real reason why this once poor boxer from the Philippines has become the talk of the world then.

Two years later, his popularity continues to soar after defeating far superior boxers including the legendary Oscar de la Hoya, earning for him a number of awards and recognition such as 'boxer of the year', 'boxer of the decade' , 'pound-for-pound king' most influential, etc.

The reasons that I have noted for the continuing climb in the popularity ratings are still the same as I look back and browse on my article on DJ which I am quoting in part. 'In past encounters with other world-class boxers, Pacquiao would always come up with some gestures of concern for his fellow boxer'.

'In the Pacquiao-David Diaz lightweight match, he rushed to the corner of Diaz after the bloody fight to see if he was alright. He did the same with Erik Morales, Larios and Barrera'.

'Outside the ring, Pacquiao is the same caring and concerned person. Most of all he is humble and low key. He will go out of his way to help a person in need. He is God fearing and a religious man. He prays hard before the start of every fight and does the same to thank God for all the blessings'.

'Pacquiao may be a rich man now but he said money is not that important to him as he would always be willing share his winnings with the poor people with legitimate needs'.

'He said that God will always provide. If you give more, you will receive more, he said. Manny seldom declines request for assistance from anyone with a real need of help. He has been generous with contributions and donations to charitable institutions that seek his financial support'.

These observations were recently validated when Manny Pacquiao was accused by the camp of Floyd Mayweater, Jr. for taking performance enhancing drugs during his last fights to gain added advantage over his opponents which Pacquiao vehemently denied. Instead of engaging Mayweather in a trash talk, he went to the court of law and sought legal relief.

In his recent encounter with Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto and Ghana's Joshua Clottey, he got the respect of both boxers for his civilized comments of their capabilities as professional boxers - no trash talks, only civilized comments. Looking back to his fight with Oscar de la Hoya,

Pacquiao said when he defeated the legendary boxer, 'you are still my idol' for which de la Hoya responded ' no you are my idol'

For these uttered statements Pacquiao serves as a good role model especially to the younger generation who are into boxing or any sport for that matter.


(original article appeared @ Digital Journal )

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