Red-Shirt Thai Protesters Attacked Television Station in Bangkok

09/04/2010 12:41
Thailand's authorities continue to show maximum tolerance on the red-shirted street demonstrators who have stormed a TV station amid impending arrest of their leaders.. Thai authorities has earlier secured arrest warrants from courts for their arrest.

Thailand's red-shirted protesters continue their month-long street protests as they stormed a television station in Bangkok to dramatise their anger on the government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The protesters are supporters of the former Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shanawatra who is now on exile in an undisclosed country. They are demanding that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva step down from office and call for new elections, claiming that Abhisit was illegally installed as Prime Minister.

Most of the red-shirted protesters come from the country's rural areas where the former Prime Minister Thaksin was very popular during his reign for his pro-poor programs. Thai authorities have recently ruled against the former prime minister Thaksin which stripped him of the ownership of his businesses in Thailand.

Thaksin was a wealthy businessman who made money on telecommunications business before he was elected prime minister of Thailand.

NY Times reports: Several casualties were reported on both sides, but witnesses said the security forces did not appear to have made a determined stand in the face of a vigorous charge by mostly unarmed protesters. Arrest warrants have been issued, but apparently not enforced, for several protest leaders.

The government has so far taken no other action to enforce the decree, which allows the military to disperse crowds in the streets and to arrest their leaders.


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