Seven-Year Old Boy Raised 50,000 pounds in a day for Haiti

24/01/2010 17:21
Charlie Simpson, a seven-year old British boy, raised 50,000 pounds in one day for the Haiti earthquake victims by cycling around a local park in London with his Dad. His efforts inspired people to donate to his 'JustGiving' Website for Haiti children.
A seven year old British boy raised more than 50,000 pounds in one day by cycling five miles around a local park in London for earthquake-devastated Haiti.
The seven year old boy Charlie Simpson just wanted to raise 500 pounds for the Haiti quake victims but he got 50,000 from people who responded to his appeal for donation. His mother, Leonora, helped him create a sponsorship form and said the document quickly spread around the Internet and the enormous sum was donated in one day.
He started his fund raising efforts after seeing shocking images of children being pulled alive from the rubble in the Caribbean nation. "I just think it was quite sad when I saw the pictures on the TV," said the youngster.
"He really felt strongly about this and thought that something had to be done," her mother said. "But what started off as a little cycle round the park with his dad has turned into something a lot bigger than that and we can't believe it.
"I am extremely proud of our Charlie, he's done really well. He's worked hard and he's raised a phenomenal amount of money so we couldn't ask for anything more."
Charlie's 'JustGiving' website accepts donations for Haiti victims and sends the proceeds to the UNICEF, a UN agency that looks after the welfare of children affected by the earthquake in Haiti.
(original article appeared @ Digital Journal )

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