Unique Travel Destination Gaining Popularity in the Philippines

05/07/2009 01:47

Caramoan Peninsula is slowly emerging as a popular international travel destination after gaining worldwide television exposure when the producers of the extremely popular “Survivor” reality TV series started filming different versions of the popular reality show.

There is place in Southeast Asia that is becoming increasingly popular among international travelers, a travel destination that is unique and unspoiled, a place where first-time visitors don’t want to leave once they set foot on its fine beaches, crystal-clear waters and lush virgin forest.

The place is Caramoan Peninsula, a coastal community located at the northeast of Camarines Sur in Bicol region, Philippines. Caramoan is approximately 500 kilometers away from Metro Manila and about 100 kilometers away from Naga City.

Caramoan Peninsula is characterized by rocky terrain, deep gorges, caves, limestone formations, small islands with white beaches, coral-rich dive spots, subterranean river and lush virgin forest and hilly mountains at the background.

Caramoan has gained popularity in recent years after the place was featured in some newspaper asrticles and tourism-related TV programs. Earlier, the 8thseason of Koh- Lanta- French edition of ‘Survivor’, a world popular TV reality show, was shot entirely in Caramoan and subsequently shown in worldwide television. This triggers the influx of international tourists to this new travel destination.

The international tourism awareness generated by the “Survivor” reality show caught the attention of the show producers in Israel who shot their own version of the ‘Survivor’ in Caramoan, opening the enchanted peninsula to a larger international audience.

Inquirer.net reports: “For Israelis, it’s a view they won’t see anywhere else,” said Guy Hameiri, CEO of the production outfit Reif Hameiri, in an interview last month at the company offices in Tel Aviv.

“We were overwhelmed when we saw the location, and I’m sure it will be very tempting for our audience to go see it themselves,” Hameiri said.

The Philippines will greatly benefit from the exposure that the show will bring. The Israel version of the ‘Survivor’ will definitely lure the audience into the country when they see the beautiful scenery captured in the film. It’s a ‘paradise’ captured through 22 cameras and 3,000 raw hours of footage says the show producer.

The Israeli version of the show will be called ‘Survivor Philippines’. It will be the first time in the ‘Survivor’ show series that the version would be named after the host country, because the producer said, the place is so unique and a real place to go for an adventure.


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